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New green heating system for Crystal leisure centre

A state-of-the-art heating system has recently been installed at Crystal leisure centre.

The new heat pump system uses the earth’s natural heat from deep underground to warm the centre. The system takes advantage of the underlying geology and availability of groundwater in the Stourbridge area. The naturally warm water is pumped up to the centre from a depth of approximately 100m, it then passes indirectly through heat pumps which extract some of the heat, before the water is returned to the ground via a second borehole.

The heat pumps work by using electricity to boost the temperature of the water to a level suitable for heating the pools and other areas of the centre. The whole system is highly efficient, for each unit of electricity that is used, approximately four units of heat are produced.

Councillor Ian Kettle, cabinet member responsible for leisure centres, said:

“This is just one of several practical steps we are taking to help reduce our carbon emissions. It’s also incredibly cost effective. ”

“People will be able to swim in the pool and use the centre, knowing that they are supporting these measures and making a difference ”

Halesowen leisure centre and the new Dudley Leisure Centre are also due to benefit from the technology, with heat pumps set to be installed at both sites.

In July last year Dudley council declared a climate emergency, recognising that the authority needs to take urgent action to reduce its carbon emissions. Replacing carbon-intensive gas heating will be a priority for realising the authority’s environmental ambitions and this is likely to be the first of many heat pumps installed in council buildings.



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