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Dudley town centre’s skyline has been transformed with the demolition of the former Hippodrome building on Castle Hill. 

This paves the way for a Higher Education complex at Castle Hill, supported by a successful £25million Towns Fund bid.

The complex will be situated next to the new Very Light Rail National Innovation Centre and recently opened Black Country and Marches Institute of Technology.

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Extensive stakeholder and community engagement activities have been conducted as part of the development of the Towns Fund Bid.


To find out more about this visit Castle Hill Consultation.

Long Term Plan for Towns Board

The Long Term Plan for Towns (LTPFT) initiative is a 10 year £20m programme, that requires local people and their priorities to be at the centre of the process, supported by long-term flexible funding. A key principle is that it must involve local people from the outset, requiring representation from the community, such as faith groups, local charities, neighbourhood forum, CVS, NHS, Police, arts, heritage and sporting organisations. The preparation of the Long Term Plan must include community engagement - to be maintained throughout the initiative, to define the key community issues to tackled and test potential projects. Safety and Security, High Streets, Heritage and Regeneration, and Transport and Connectivity are the three priority themes for LTPfT.

Dudley Council has set up a new Board to manage the establishment and operation of the Dudley Town LTPfT programme – as a progression from the existing Town Board. Government requires the new Board to be fit for purpose (as a community led initiative) and to focus on the three priority themes. DMBC will be engaging with community groups during the coming months and that may lead to additional representation on the Board, and/or through sub-groups at a level below the main Board, to help prepare and deliver the new Town Plan.


Dudley Long Term Plans for Towns Meeting 1 - Agenda 10.5.24

Dudley Long Term Plan for Towns  Meeting  1 - Agenda Item 4 Governance Arrangements

Dudley Long Term Plan for Towns  Meeting  1 - Agenda Item 5 Boundary Amendments

Dudley Long Term Plan for Towns  Meeting  1 - Agenda Item 6 Investment Plan

Dudley Long Term Plan for Towns Town Board - Terms of Reference v1.0

Dudley Long Term Plan for Towns Town Board - Conflicts of interest policy v1.0

Dudley Long Term Plan for Towns Board - Code of Conduct v1.0

Dudley Towns Fund Board governance information

The Dudley Towns Board is made up of representatives from a wide range of industries and professions, who all have a vested interest in the regeneration of the town and reflect the key town centre stakeholders. Each member is passionate and understanding of the importance of engaging the local community in forward planning and addressing the needs of the local community.

The documents below demonstrate the continued engagement and decision making process associated with Dudley's Towns Fund Bid. 


Proposed High Level Towns Fund Bid & HEI Project Governance Model

Towns Fund Further Guidance – FAQs

Decision sheets:

Towns Fund – To approve the submission of a funding bid of £1m to fund an element of the £9.1m Metro

Towns Fund Allocation of £150,000 Development Funding

Towns Fund: Allocation of £173,029 Capacity Funding

Cabinet meetings:

6 January 2020

Towns Fund Dudley Driverless Vehicles Consortium - Extension of Agreement

Towns Fund Dudley Town Centre

23 September 2020

17 December 2020

Board meetings:

17 January 2020

Dudley Towns Board Minutes 17.01.2020

Meeting Agenda

Briefing Paper - Proposed Approach to Towns Fund Status

Draft Terms of Reference

28 February 2020

Meeting Agenda
Governance Model
Example Terms of Reference – Innovation Way Co-ordination Group
Reporting Template
Programme Timeline
TDM Strategy 

Town Centre Travel Survey

27 March 2020

Dudley Towns Board Minutes 27.03.2020

Meeting Agenda

Update on The Black Country’s Big Lottery Bid

Dudley Major Regeneration Projects Project Status Report (March 2020)

24 April 2020

Dudley Towns Board Minutes 24.04.2020

Meeting Agenda

Final Terms of Reference

Dudley Major Regeneration Projects Project Status Report (April 2020)

Community Engagement Strategy 2020-21

19 June 2020

Dudley Towns Board Minutes 19.06.2020

Meeting Agenda

11 September 2020

Dudley Towns Board Minutes 11.09.2020

Meeting Agenda

Update on Planning Application

Project Management and Delivery Report

Procurement of Higher Education Partner for Dudley Towns Fund Project

Towns Board Update

4 December 2020

Dudley Towns Board Minutes 04.12.2020

Meeting Agenda

Emerging Design Concepts Presentation

Project Prioritisation Report

Communications and Engagement Activity Report

Castle Hill Consultation Stakeholder Map

Risk Register

Worcester Towns Fund Presentation

15 January 2021

Dudley Towns Board Minutes 15.01.2021

Meeting Agenda

TiP Submission Feedback

TiP Submission Reporting Template

TiP Submission Reporting Template

17 September 2021

Dudley Towns Board Minutes 17.09.2021

Meeting Agenda

17 December 2021

Meeting Agenda

Executive Summary

TF Programme Update - December 2021

11 March 2022

Meeting Agenda

Updated Terms of Reference

10 June 2022

Dudley Towns Board Minutes 10.06.2022

Meeting Agenda

Appendix 1, Health Innovation Dudley - 10.06.22 (PPT)

16 September 2022

Meeting Agenda

TF HID Programme

Risk Register

Health Innovation Dudley (HID) Towns Fund Board Update

16 December 2022

Meeting Agenda

HID Report

Minutes of the meeting 

17 March 2023 

Minutes of the meeting

15 September 2023

Minutes of the meeting

Consultation documents:

Castle Hill Consultation Letter

Castle Hill Questionnaire

Castle Hill Summary Leaflet

External links:

Towns Fund: further guidance - GOV.UK (

Dudley Towns Fund Board & Declaration of interests

Dudley Town Fund Profiles and Declaration of interests:

Dudley Town Fund - Terms of Reference:

Please note the Towns Fund Board agreed at its meeting of 15th January 2021 to update the terms of reference post bid submission (29th January 2021). The ToR will be updated in line with the guidance and re-considered by Board in due course.

Dudley Town Board - Terms of Reference

Privacy & Disclaimer Statements

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